How to Place an Order

Ordering Information

Please type your order or write in block letters, supplying all the information about the title as per website. As a safeguard against error, always cite the catalog number as well as the title. Orders can be made by e-mail as well.

Method of Payment

Remittances may be made by cheque, money order or bank draft. All remittances should be made payable to: Buddhist Publication Society. Please mark all cheques, etc.: A/C Payee Only. Due to the risk of cheques getting lost in the mail, cheques should only be sent by registered post.

How to pay online

Your orders can now be paid online by credit car through the Sampath Bank (Sri Lanka) Internet Payment Gateway (IPG). Upon receipt of the book order, BPS will send you an e-mail containing a pro forma invoice which lists the cost of your order, including postage. Because the total postage depends on the weight of the order, the number of packages in the order (a large order may be broken down into several smaller packages for shipping), the country and shipping type, the web page software can not calculate the shipping exactly. This is one of the reasons for this two-step ordering process.


We cannot accept liability for loss or damage of goods caused during transit. If the goods are damaged in transit, please file a claim with the delivering carrier. Retain all shipping documents and packaging in support of your claim.


Please notify the BPS if our acknowledgement of your remittance fails to arrive within two weeks, in the case orders by sea mail. As regards orders by air mail, acknowledgement will be made along with the supply of books.


A discount of 40% will be given to the book traders. A discount of 20% is given to libraries, Buddhist societies and Dhamma schools for bulk purchases. A discount of 10% is given to the Buddhist clergy and the Associate members. Please note that these terms apply only to BPS publications. When making orders from libraries and societies these orders should be made on official stationery; members please quote membership number.

Book Trade

Please note that BPS is its own exclusive trade representative within Sri Lanka. Inquire from us about trade discounts.

Orders from South Asian Countries

Book dealers as well as individuals from south Asian Countries outside Sri Lanka, should pay the US Dollar equivalent of the total Sri Lankan Rupee price.

Notice for those ordering from Europe and North America

To facilitate easier and quicker ordering for those living in Europe and North America, the BPS has official distributors of its books in Europe and North America. Motilal Books of India (UK) ( distributes BPS books in Europe; and Pariyatti ( in the USA and Canada. BPS members living in Europe or North America can still order BPS books from the BPS at the usual members’ discount but non-members should order from these distributors.

New Releases from BPS

From the Notice Board

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  • Numerical Discourses of the Buddha now available
  • Fee increase for Sinhalese membership
  • More. . .

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