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Book Publications

The BPS publishes books covering a wide range of Buddhist topics, mostly related to the Theravada or Southern Buddhist school. BPS books include standard introductions to Buddhism, translations from the Pali Canon and its commentaries, works on meditation and original contemporary expositions of Buddhist thought. Classics such as the Life of the Buddha, Heart of Buddhist Meditation, Great Disciples of the Buddha, Path of Purification, and so on, are included among our books.

During the first decades of its existence the BPS mostly published small booklets as part of the Wheel Publications and Bodhi Leaves Series, but nowadays, it mostly publishes normal size books.

Wheel Publications

The Wheel is a substantial series of booklets covering a wide range of topics related to Theravada Buddhism—from the analytical philosophy of Abhidhamma to Buddhist reflections on today'’s vital problems. The series also includes accurate annotated translations of the Buddha’s discourses from the Pali Canon. Wheel booklets are 4.8" x 7.2". All Wheels are reprinted in the Collected Wheel Publications series. Most will not be reprinted separately anymore, and the ones which are will be reprinted as books and can also be read on the BPS’s Online Library.

Bodhi Leaves

Bodhi Leaves is a series of small booklets, measuring 4.3" x 5.4" and ranging between 16 and 40 pages. Less expository and more conversational in tone than the Wheels, Bodhi Leaves offer personal insights into the Buddha's teaching, close-up focus on specific social and human problems, and practical guidelines on living by the light of the Dhamma. We have stopped the publication of Bodhi Leaves, but all Bodhi Leaves are collectively reprinted in the Collected Bodhi Leaves series and can also be read on the BPS’s Online Library.


In accordance with the distributing agreements we made with two of our distributors, readers living in North America are encouraged to order through our distributor Pariyatti Books, while those living in the United Kingdom should order our books through Motilal Books of India (UK). Please see our Distributors page for information on how to contact these.

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