Nyanaponika Dhamma Dana Project

Ven. Nyanaponika

Venerable Nyanaponika Mahathera

In late 1993 the Buddhist Publication Society decided to launch the Dhamma Dana Project in order to give our valuable books and booklets a wider distribution. This undertaking was in line with the original conception behind the founding of the BPS, which was to extend the gift of the Dhamma to the world as freely and as generously as possible. Following the death of Venerable Nyanaponika, the BPS’s Board of Management elected to rename the project after him, one who so abundantly embodied the spirit of Dhamma Dana.

Under the Project, the BPS distributes a free copy of each new membership book to selected Buddhist centres, viharas, and libraries throughout the world, including Sri Lanka. Other BPS books are also sent upon request. Buddhist centres, etc. that wish to be placed on the list should send an email request to the BPS editor, using the contact us page.

At the BPS we have allocated a fixed portion of our financial resources to this Project, with the intention of using the interest generated to facilitate the free dispatch of books. We cordially invite our friends and well-wishers to participate in this meritorious undertaking by making donations towards the Dhamma Dana Project. Such donations will help us to extend the range of our distribution scheme. If you would like to contribute towards this free distribution of Dhamma books, please send whatever amount you wish to the address given, ear-marked "Nyanaponika Dhamma Dana Project". We particularly welcome grants to the BPS under the last will, which will give you the assurance that your precious legacy is being used for the noblest purpose of all: the spread of the Dhamma.

For special information about sending money see "Method of Payment" under Ordering Information.

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