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BPS intends to publish electronic copies of all of its Bodhi Leaf and Wheel publications, as well as selected books and other articles. Use the form on the right to get a list of publications or articles.

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BPS has made the entire library (excluding the newsletters) available as Linux tar.gz archives. To reduce the file size, the archives for Wheels and Bodhi Leaves have been split into separate files for epub, pdf, and html file types.

For best results the archives for each publication type should be extracted in its own directory.

Bodhi Leaves:
  html: bl.html.tgz
  epub: bl.epub.tgz
  pdf: bl.pdf.tgz

  html: wh.html.tgz
  epub: wh.epub.tgz
  pdf: wh.pdf.tgz

Books: bp.tar.gz
Misc: mi.tar.gz

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