The Five Mental Hindrances and their Conquest

By:  Nyanaponika Thera

Many are the obstacles which block the road to spiritual progress, but there are five in particular which, under the name of hindrances (nivarana), are often mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures: sensual desire, ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and remorse, and sceptical doubt. They are called &ldqu;hindrances&rdqu; because they hinder and envelop the mind in many ways, obstructing its development. Every step in weakening these hindrances takes us nearer to the stages of sanctity where deliverance from these hindrances is unshakable.

In this booklet, following a brief introduction, Ven. Nyanaponika gives a selection of passages which he translated from the Discourses of the Buddha and the commentaries.

Note: This item is a re-issue of Wheel 26

The Five Mental Hindrances and their Conquest

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